The  Queen  of  all  She  Surveys

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Meet "Kanga" - One of my most favoured of all muses. Her Mother was a high class Pedigree Colourpoint  Persian, her Father was a ginger tom pure trash alley cat.

I am reliably informed that her correct description would be ;  "A Tortiepoint Domestic Long Haired Queen"

Kanga inherited the best of both genetic lines, she is so laidback that she frequently falls over while walking, she loves all her family; feline, canine and human. She has a self preservation instinct to rival that of a sardine in a shoal of sharks. She is truly a huntress without prowess her ability to capture local vermin is only paled by her insistence on sharing her trophies with the whole family. When we have puppies in the household she believes that it is her duty to educate them to the wily ways of the rodent world. As soon as they reach the age of about five weeks Kanga starts to deliver live mice to her canine foster kittens just as she would if the litter were her own. This idiosincrisy has even manifested itself into the strange habit of occasionally keeping a healthy uninjured mouse under the fridge freezer or the washing machine. ( Actually I have recently read a statistic somewhere that a household with a cat is 70X more likely to experience mice at some time than one without a cat. "Tom and Jerry" instantly gain more factual credence )  

This image shows the value of knowing your subjects personal likes and habits. This outbuilding roof offers Kanga a safe vantage point at the very heart of her territory, she feels completely at ease here overlooking the greater section of her kingdom. She is totally relaxed in this spot often sun bathing or just cat napping it has provided me with many, many fantastic photographs over the last ten years and no doubt will continue to do so as long as she is fit enough to get up there that is.   

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