The  Recumbent  Tabby

 "The  Cat  Nap  Disturbance"

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A Kittens Tail

Meet "Kitty Kat" - Another of my favourite muses. A cat with a real "cattitude" to life. Old and cantankerous now it seems like she arrived at this mindset by the age of ten months and she has doggedly retained it ever since for the last fourteen and a half years  Her Mother "Cinders" was a sweet natured and beautiful long haired blue tabby, her Father was a feral ginger outlaw with more battle scars than original face. The only she kitten in a litter of six her five brothers played rough and Kitty grew tough because young tom kittens always play fast and furious. "Devil take the hindmost" it would never apply to Kitty, she would give as good if not better than she ever got from her bigger and stronger siblings. Tom kittens were always easier to find homes for than their sisters and Kitty watched her brothers leave one by one for their new (gorgeous kittens free to good) homes. About this time Cinders disappeared, she simply vanished into thin air and despite extensive searching, lost posters and rewards offered she was never seen again by me or any of my family. We still wonder to this day what happened to her she was actually my daughters cat and it was even more traumatic due to a seven year old girls bond with her first pet. So that is how Kitty came to stay with us as the only cat in the home she sort of retained that position by default at first and sometime during the last decade and a half she ceased to be a "gorgeous kitten free to good home only" and became the undisputed matriarch of our family. Long may she reign !    

"She is funny with strangers... and people she knows"