The  German  Shepherd  Dog

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Breed  Character Summary

German Shepherds are highly intelligent, agile and very well-suited to most active working environments. They are often deployed in various skilled roles such as police dogs, security dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Guide dogs for the blind and also by the majority of today's military forces.

Despite their suitability for such work, German Shepherds can also make loyal and loving pets inside the family home. They enjoy being around people (including children) and other animals. German Shepherds are well-suited to obedience, with many advanced & prestigious titles available to test both the handler and dog. "Schutzhund" trials are the traditional German test for a dogs temperament and working ability.

Dogs from working lines have very high energy, and have been bred to have a natural drive for protection, tracking, and obedience. They are bred primarily for consistent temperament, working drive, and intelligence. These dogs can be used as pets, but will be unhappy if not exercised daily or trained to do a job of some sort.