The  Beagle

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The  Photo  Brief

The transforming of a black and white photograph into a coloured picture is known as colourization

This image of "Snoopy" was commissioned as a surprise gift for a "Mothers' Day" present :

"My Mother was overjoyed with Snoopys' Portrait she was amazed that you could produce such a high quality and sizable picture from such a small 1960s snapshot. Thank you so very much from both myself and my Mother. Snoopy held such a special place in our familys' hearts. you have bought the memories back in colour"  

Breed  Character Summary

The Beagle generally has a very good temper and a gentle disposition.

Beagles are intelligent, but can also be stubborn

Both genders are excellent with children and can even play with toddlers. They also get along very well with other dogs and family pets

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