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 How much does your service cost ?

Costs for commissioned photographic work start at 20 and include;

  • Free 12" x 16" finished picture on highest quality photo glossy paper.

  • Free CD containing digital archive of original, finished rework and a before and after image.

  • Free Special Delivery Track and Trace, plus 250 insurance against loss or damage.

Costs for photography sittings in your own home or favoured location start at 65 and include;

  • Detailed consultation to determine your exact requirements.

  • Immediate review of the sitting using latest digital methods.

  • Free 12" x 16" first choice finished picture on highest quality photographic paper.

Costs for a personal one page web presence start at 75  and as with all the above mentioned base costs please contact me for further details of your personal requirements.

 How do I get my picture to you ?

I can except pictures on-line digitally or by all the traditional postal methods. I do not advise that you send your photographs to Artydog by normal post. Please use either Registered Mail, which includes Track and Trace or Special Delivery which also carries a much higher level of  compensation for any loss or damage incurred while in transit. Alternately images can be uploaded directly to Artydog if you already have them in your computer as a digital file or you have access to a scanner. For more information or assistance with scanning or uploading photographs directly  contact me

How long will the work take ?

From acceptance of your commission and receipt of your pictures all works are normally completed within14 days. If for any reason a 14 day turn around looks unlikely this will be discussed at the time of your commission.

Each commission is as unique as the pet and the person that orders it.

Every commission is individual and will always be respected as such.

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