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                        Artydog was originally formed from a desire to create for individual owners their own Personal Perfect Pet Portrait 

                        A lifelong love of dogs, photography and art has been combined into the complete, professional package, by the simple inclusion of a desktop computer, a high end digital camera, some excellent professional software programs and of course the many hours of practise and study involved in learning a first class proficiency with these tools.

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                        My interest in pets and dogs in particular began very early, "learning to walk with a hand through the dogs' collar" is an old and much told family story, all formative and "artistic" crayon scrawls feature clearly recognisable dogs and cats.

                        An affinity and fascination with dogs continued to develop during childhood and resulted in a first competitive obedience ribbon at the tender age of twelve. Extensive experience with training, showing, judging, breeding and working dogs was to follow. Culminating in two National Championships and the opportunity to represent England on the victorious 1992  -International Field Trial - Three Dog Team Championships.

                        That I would eventually work with dogs and cats professionally was almost inevitable. Three years in one of the countries' largest rescue centres dealing with thousands of unwanted, unloved and sometimes cruelly abused animals, proved to be invaluable first hand experience of the incredible resilience and true indomitably of the animal psyche.    

                        To hang in pride of place in your home or business premises. Each artwork that is privately commissioned is unique to you and as such these pictures make the ideal gift for that special person, perfect for someone that already has practically everything and is notoriously "hard to buy for".

                           A fantastic thoughtful touch for any special occasion - Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day any Anniversary at all. Treat yourself or a loved one.

 At exceptional value for money any Artydog image is an extremely good investment.  

Artydog is owned and managed solely by James Wright.

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