A  Summer  Walk

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These are the results of a beautiful summers day photographic shoot

This is the contact sheet showing the nine photographs most suitable for the required purpose

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Breed  Character  Summary

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is renowned for its reputation as a family dog. They are extremely loving dogs, being loyal and devoted to man, with special emphasis on their general reliability with children. This breed thrives in the home environment, being a suitably compact size for close family living.

All Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners have a certain obligation to society, they should always ensure that their dogs are correctly and adequately housed. Staffies should never be allowed to roam unsupervised in public or in the vicinity of unfamiliar dogs.

It is very important that any breeder can satisfy you, that the puppy you are interested in and its parents, have a stable temperament. Avoiding aggression must also be aided by proper socialisation and training of the puppy. Puppies should be regularly exposed to the full gamut of situations that they are likely to encounter as adult dogs. Regular, supervised contact with other dogs, children and other family pets, along with crucial early obedience training will help ensure that the dog grows into a well balanced and pleasant animal.